Farmstand Cards - Lettuce Celery-brate!

Farmstand Cards - Lettuce Celery-brate!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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The Farmstand cards are easy to make if you follow along with all of the helpful materials we provide. Remember, if cauliflower can become pizza, you can do anything!

Farmstand Cards by Club Scrap #clubscrap #efficientcardmaking

Take a video walk-through of everything in the box and all the things you can make.

Check out the standing box card, split-flap tent card and slimline card styles you'll learn while using our completely unique approach to card making. Your card kit starts out as a set of 12x12 papers and printed cutaparts. Follow along with the workshop video and printable instructions and transform the kit into a dozen cards while learning new skills along the way.

Set A - 4.25x5.5" Cards

This card style works as a horizontal or vertical card, and we'll make two of each. The structure flattens perfectly for mailing and then pops up for easy display. 

Each card in the set is embellished with thing laser cut wood tag. I like how the placement of the tag allows it to stand out on the vertical card.

Set B - 5x7" Cards

The split flap tent fold card is really easy to make, but you have to pay attention regarding order of assembly. The 1" flap on the pop-up tent portion must be adhered to the back of the card panel before it's attached to the 5x7 base. The stopper for the tent is created by laminating two pieces of kraft folding board. Punch a hole on each end, add some jute, and the piece props up the tent perfectly with a little decorative flair.

Set C - 3.5x8.5" Cards

When a 7x8.5" card base is trimmed from a 12x12 paper, the remaining sheet can be used to make a double mat for a slimline card long with three rectangles for artwork. I've done all the math and testing, and you can use the paper trimming formula again and again to make more cards like this. I suggest using one of our grid rulers to help you align and evenly space the three pieces for a professional looking card.

I hope you like our crop of ideas this month! Enjoy making your cards, and be sure to post your accomplishments to our Club Scrap Chat group so we can cheer you on!


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