Enchanted Forest Remix - Magical pages for your scrapbook!

Enchanted Forest Remix - Magical pages for your scrapbook!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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We are pleased to introduce our newest special release page kit, Enchanted Forest Remix.

Enchanted Forest Remix Page Kit

One of our most popular special themes, this is the second time the Enchanted Forest collection has been remixed and released in page kit format. Since special collections don't auto-ship, if you'd like to receive this collection, simply place an order online!

As always, we provide downloadable instructions to help you create eight magical pages. Don't miss the video tutorial for additional bonus tips for page assembly.

This collection features a rich color palette, perfect for scrapbooking outdoor photos and so much more.

The pages include many wonderful and whimsical details, like these gossamer fairy wings!

If history repeats itself, this one won't last long. Be sure to claim your Enchanted Forest Remix kit before it disappears!

Happy crafting!


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