Dahlia Stencil Technique

Dahlia Stencil Technique

Kay Williamson

The Dahlia Lite kit included a beautiful and versatile stencil. Before I show you all of the cool stuff you can make, Pin this summary image so you can remember the possibilities!



I was cleaning out my basement and found a nifty wood panel. (You'd be surprised what you find when you clean your basement.) I made an elegant wall hanging with just a few basic supplies.

IMG_6289 copy

Paint the wood panel with white acrylic paint and allow it to dry. Stamp a sentiment onto the lower left corner of the panel with India Black ink. Position the stencil onto the board and fill the openings with Delta Texture Magic Dimensional Paint. Smooth the dimensional layer with a paper scrap.

IMG_6285 copy

Carefully lift the stencil and allow the dimensional paint to dry before adding more dahlias and leaves. Clean the stencil thoroughly.

IMG_6286 copy

Stand back, admire, and decide if you want to stop there or add color.

IMG_6289 copy

To add color, reposition the stencil over the leaves and flowers, and apply ink with an ink applicator.

IMG_6294 copy

IMG_6295 copy

IMG_6297 copy

IMG_6298 copy

IMG_6299 copy

IMG_6302 copy

I like this version, too!

IMG_6305 copy

Display the board on a wood easel or hang on the wall in your powder room.

IMG_6303 copy


IMG_6358 copy

Use a portion of the large dahlia on the stencil by masking an area with painters tape.

IMG_6352 copy

Apply ink to the remaining exposed petals.

IMG_6353 copy

Freehand a stem with a marker.

IMG_6354 copy

Add a stenciled leaf to the stem and outline the petals, stem and leaf with a fine-tipped marker.

IMG_6355 copy

Mat the art panel and adhere to a folded card base.

IMG_6356 copy

Pick up the Dahlia Lite kit and stencil in some creative time, soon!



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