Clipboard Collage Project

Clipboard Collage Project

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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One of my favorite workshops at the Retreat was offered on Friday and Saturday afternoon . . . the Clipboard Collage. We were able to conduct it at a pretty laid-back pace, and students could freely depart from the assembly guidelines if they wished.


I had several goals when designing the initial prototype: use stuff from my stash, keep the colors neutral, and create an easy roadmap to follow during assembly.


I set up a pre-printed collage map to help divide the space into manageable sizes.


After adding the primary collage elements, remaining spaces were filled with quotes and words printed on a sheet of cutaparts.


Deb, our amazing production coordinator, raised an eyebrow when we put together the list of kit contents that needed to be assembled. It was a good thing we had a bit of summer help available at the time.


The full workshop kit available in very limited quantities includes the clipboard (with its handy built-in hanger), the original version of the page map, the elements needed to complete the project, and a full-length workshop video.


Then, the best part . . . I sent the original collage map and three variations off to "Club Scrap North" (a little nickname we've given to Terri Zwicker's house because she lives four hours north of here.) I wanted her to test out the concept and get her feedback. She created a beautiful set of seasonally-themed clipboards that can hang together in her home. Each one has countless inspiring details. I gave her one rule: use items only from your crafting stash. You may even recognize a few of them from past CS collections!

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After the Retreat, Cathy Gray posted this inspiring version of her clipboard featuring our fun Beaches collection.

Clipboard Collage - Beaches

You can pick up the individual printed collage maps and clipboards from the store while they last! I'll bet you have a few items on hand to build a gorgeous collage of your own!


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