Sunflowers Remix Pages - finished, but missing sunflowers

by Tricia Morris

I love how my Sunflowers Remix pages turned out, in spite of the fact that I haven't made it to Wisconsin's famous "Sunflower Days" at Pope Farms in Verona. (It starts on July 26.) In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a single sunflower in any of my photos!

After "giving myself permission" to depart from the theme of the paper when adding my photos, I've found that my pages still look great, and I save so much time on hunting for just the right images/papers/kits. If you haven't already, I hope you give it a try. It's very liberating!

Sunflowers Remix Pages

Layouts 1 & 2
Sunflowers Remix Pages by Tricia Morris #clubscrap #sunflowers #pagekit
Club Scrap at the Scrapbook Expo in Irving, TX

Whenever I crop photos to smaller sizes, I use my 8x8" Grid Ruler to help determine whether or not I'll lose critical portions of the image. For best results, hover the grid ruler over the mat on the layout to determine the length and width of the space. Next, hover over the photo to see if those dimensions will work. The photos on the title strip were just perfect for the two small squares!

If you think of it, snap a quick photo of the menu cover at a memorable restaurant. The picture will act as a handy and quick page title for a layout!

Layouts 3 & 4
Sunflowers Remix Pages by Tricia Morris #clubscrap #sunflowers #pagekit
Enjoying the sites of Cape Coral, FL

If an embellishment or photo mat is overlapping another photo mat, be careful when adhering the item. In this case, avoid applying glue to the portion of the wood cut sunflower resting on the mat. (The same is true for the pair of photo mats above.)

Layouts 5 & 6
Sunflowers Remix Pages by Tricia Morris #clubscrap #sunflowers #pagekit
Dining at Doc Ford's in Cape Coral, FL

For the trio of small images on the right side of the layout, use the same 8x8 Grid Ruler trick for cropping as shown in Layouts 1 & 2. Here, two squares are cut from one 4x6 photo to fill the two mats.

Layouts 7 & 8
Sunflowers Remix Pages by Tricia Morris #clubscrap #sunflowers #pagekit

Look! It's another "menu cover title"!

We just returned from a great weekend on the road at the Kansas City Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. This is a pretty good picture of how things start out when we are constructing the booth for a show. (And a big welcome to new members who joined us in St. Paul, Manchester, and Kansas City! Yay!)

Starting today, save on Special Release kits! Lucky thing . . . Sunflowers is one of them. If you'd like, visit the original blog post with more details about the pages.

Have a bright and sunny day!


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by Tricia Morris

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