Scrappy Stripes - Use those bits and pieces!

by Julie Heyer

Create a dramatic background on any card, project, or page with this fun scrappy stripes technique. The Pacific Northwest collection has some beautiful textured papers and I didn't have the heart to throw these strips into the recycling bin.

Scrappy Stripes Card #clubscrap #scraps #card

Scrappy Stripes tutorial

Apply Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator to the back of several 1/4" Pine Linen strips. Adhere the strips diagonally spaced 1/4" apart onto a 4x5-1/4" Moss panel.

Trim ends from longer strips with scissors.

Adhere these partial strips to the remaining areas on the Moss panel.

Scrappy Stripes Card #clubscrap #scraps #card

Flip the Moss panel over and trim away the excess strips flush with the outside edge.

The simple addition of the strips created such a cool striped background. It really made the finished card pop!

Scrappy Stripes Card #clubscrap #scraps #card

Layer a feather hybrid print with an Orchard stencil rubbing wood grain panel. Stamp the Geodes sentiment in Spruce Hybrid Ink onto a torn Sky strip. Adhere the silver leaf charm to the sentiment strip and tie a knot with a sky blue satin ribbon.

Scrappy Stripes Card #clubscrap #scraps #card

Don't overlook those smaller scraps. Sometimes they can be used to create some really interesting backgrounds. Happy Crafting!


Written by:
by Julie Heyer

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