Ink Pad Storage Tower project - Get organized!

by Julie Heyer

Create an Ink Pad Storage Tower with a Club Scrap pizza box, collage papers, and black folding board.

January is the start of the new year and also the time when everyone is looking to get organized. The tower holds ten Hybrid ink pads and its vertical design takes up less space on the work surface.

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap

Ink Pad Storage Tower Tutorial

Gather supplies for building the tower including an empty Club Scrap pizza box, Bottle Boutique Text Weight prints, Bookbinding Glue, Black Folding Board, foam brush, and white text weight printer paper.

Disassemble the pizza box and trim into manageable sections with a cutting mat, ruler, and craft knife.

Laminate two square sections of the pizza box together with the grain running in opposite directions. (This increases structure stability.)

Tip: Look for the lines on the box (known as fluting) to easily determine grain direction with corrugated cardboard.

The grain is also visible when comparing the edges of the cardboard. The photo below shows the difference when the two board grains are running in opposite directions.

Trim the pizza box boards into two long walls (3x9-3/4") and two short walls (3x4-1/2"). Draw a diagram on graph paper to map out the measurements.

Apply Bookbinding Glue to the edges of one short wall and adhere the two long walls.

Complete the box assembly with the short wall glued in the same fashion.

Laminate pizza box flaps together, making sure the grain is running in opposite directions.

Cut these laminated boards into nine 2x4" sections.

Final Assembly

Wrap the storage tower structure with (2) 4x12 and (1) 4x6" Bottle Boutique Text Weight prints.

Cover the inside of the box with (2) 3-1/4x9-3/4 and (2) 3-1/4x4" Bottle Boutique prints. Adhere a 4-1/2x10-1/8" Black Folding Board panel to the back of the box.

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap

Trim printer paper into nine 4x4-1/4" panels. Score each panel horizontally at 2 and 2-1/2".

Glue the wraps around the nine spacers.

Add Bookbinding glue along the short edges of each spacer and adhere to the inside of the tower. Note: When assembling the tower, slide the 2x4" spacers to the very back of the tower (I placed them towards the opening of the tower in the prototype). This will allow for easier ink pad removal.

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap

Tip: Lay the tower on its side when adhering the spacers to prevent slippage while drying.

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap

Add a selection of ten Club Scrap Hybrid ink faves to the tower.

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap

Happy Organizing!

Ink Pad Storage Tower Project #pizzabox #organization #storage #recycle #clubscrap


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by Julie Heyer

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