High Tide Remix Layouts

by Karen Wyngaard

It's taken me a while to get to photos from our 2019 California trip, but now I'm on a roll! As soon as I printed the photos, I knew the High Tide Remix layouts would be perfect for our visit to Sea World. (Visit Tricia's blog post to see how the pages look before photos.)

High Tide Remix Layouts

1 & 2

Many of the pages were scrapped "as is" - meaning I didn't stray too far from Tricia's original layout designs.

3 & 4

For Layout 3 & 4, I did do a bit of rearranging.

On the left layout, I changed the orientation of one of the bottom mats to be horizontal, rather than vertical.

And on the right, the entire page was rotated 90 degrees and the smaller elements rearranged to fit the space.

5 & 6

I made two small alterations to Layout 5 & 6. I skipped the 4x6" white mats on the right page . . .

. . . and cropped a small (unmatted) photo to fit the open space in the lower right corner.

7 & 8

The final two pages were perfect "as is" so I didn't change a thing!

These High Tide Remix layouts are just eight of the 34 scrapbook pages I finished in one weekend. I just love my Club Scrap kits - they make it so easy to get 'er done!

Happy scrapping!


Written by:
by Karen Wyngaard


jill pechauer

These are so cool Karen


Karen, your vacation photos look amazing on these pages! Great job!

Lisa D

I’m in awe of your completed 34 pages in one weekend!


These pages look great, Karen! I have fallen behind on printing my pictures, but once I catch that up, I know I can match them to pages in no time.

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