Happy Camper Collection - November 2019

by Tricia Morris

I don't own a tent, or an RV, or a camper of any kind, but I adore the Happy Camper collection so much! I have so many ideas for my pages and cards, including activities from the summer and other recent travels.

A Note from Tricia

As always, things have been bustling with activity at the warehouse. In the midst of preparing to assemble and ship the Happy Camper collection, we've been working on a special edition kit that members have been requesting since forever. If you're a fan of any sport played outdoors on a field, we've got something just for you. Watch your email for the big announcement.

Winter weather is making an early stop in Wisconsin. If you haven't already, be sure to follow Club Scrap on Facebook or join our private chat group to learn about any unanticipated closures or delays due to inclement weather. It's going to be an interesting season! In addition, as temperatures begin to stay below freezing, we will suspend shipment of CS® Bookbinding Glue soon. Stock up now, or nothing will stick until spring except the slush on our shoes!

What's Ahead?

December is coming, and many of us are looking forward to cozy moments with family and dear friends. And nothing is more cozy than a delicious cup of coffee, or some other hot, tasty beverage. We've chosen a rich, warm color palette accented with a gorgeous red to showcase the upcoming Coffeehouse collection. Watch the blog near the end of the month for a sneak peek at what's to come!

Inks and Fonts

Avid stampers, check your stash for the following CS® Hybrid inks. They'll be a perfect match with the Happy Camper color palette: Sapphire, Spruce, Earth, Lagoon, and Sandstone.

Digital and hybrid crafters, scoop up the delightful Homemade Hamburgers font. Your custom titles and captions will coordinate nicely.

Happy Camper Page Kit

The die cuts and stencil are two of my favorite items in this collection. Take a minute to preview what you'll experience in the full video tutorial included with the page kit .

Happy Camper Card Kit

I am still giddy about our fresh, new card kit format. There is so much satisfaction in creating a dozen cards in this uniquely efficient way. Completing them is as gratifying as putting the final piece in a puzzle. Check out this month's fun greetings!

Happy Camper Hybrid and Stamps

Don't forget to pick up the hybrid set. Create layouts and projects in your digital software and print them right at home!

Lastly, these stamps are "in tents"! Jacqueline went "all out" with her endearing images. OK, I'll stop before we have s'more fun.

Stay tuned throughout the month. Wonderful things are on the horizon.

Have fun, campers!

Written by:
by Tricia Morris

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