Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

by Karen Wyngaard

I recently rediscovered treasures purchased and forgotten long ago while tidying my craft room. One such treasure inspired me to create an Expeditions mini album in a box.

It all started with this little 3.5x 4.5" paper mache box.

It's shaped like a book and features a hinged lid.


Ink the entire surface of the box with Earth Hybrid ink. Wrap a length of ribbon around the box to create a closure. Print a suitcase panel (Expeditions digital hybrid kit) onto white Super Smooth Cover stock and mat with gray plain. Center onto front of the box. Embellish with a Lodge woodcut arrow, ribbon, and alpha stickers.

Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

Measure the opening inside the box. Make a stitched mini book inspired by this tutorial. Follow the steps for the mini book structure, altering the measurements to fit the opening.

Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

Wrap washi tape around the perimeter of the opening for added interest.

Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

The mini book is such a sweet size, measuring just over 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

Inside pages are Navigation Tan Parchment paper. (Currently available for a steal in a Bulk Paper pack!)

Wrap the album covers with the map print (Expeditions digital hybrid printable on super smooth white cover stock). Use natural waxed linen thread to stitch the pages into the wrapped mat board cover.

Print additional hybrid elements to decorate the front and inside covers.

Create a collage of Expeditions travel stickers on a plain panel, mat and adhere to the back of the box.

Expeditions Mini Album in a Box

I can't wait to fill the inside pages with small photos and memorabilia from my travels.

Happy crafting!

Written by:
by Karen Wyngaard

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