Cobblestone Stencil Landscape - Part 2

by Julie Heyer

Create a Cobblestone stencil landscape with watercolor markers, ink, and stamping techniques. Part Two will focus on adding the finishing touches to the wall and the quote cutaparts. If you missed it, be sure to read Part One, as well!

How about a quick video summarizing the whole project in less than a minute?

Cobblestone Stencil Landscape - Part 2

Add shading to each stone in the wall with watercolor brush markers. Scribble a bit of marker onto an acrylic block and apply color with a water brush over the stenciled rocks.

Apply the darkest shades around the base of each stone. Gradually adding less color at the top of the rocks.

Continue to add shading under the stones and to the grassy foreground with the same waterbrush technique.

Print the Van Gogh quote onto text weight paper, leaving a bit of space between each word.

Fussy cut the words, distress the edges with Permanent Jet Black Ink, and adhere to the landscape with Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator.

Let's take another look at the completed artwork.

Cobblestone Stencil Landscape 2 #clubscrap #stencil #rubberstamping #watercolor

I hope this tutorial inspires you to see your Club Scrap supplies in a whole new light.

Happy Crafting!

Written by:
by Julie Heyer

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