Stamp & Die Cabinet

by Kay Williamson

Storage of items in our craft rooms is always a challenge, and we try to come up with innovative and beautiful ways to help you stay organized. I taught the Stamp & Die Cabinet workshop at this year's Retreat. Attendees left with this adorable cabinet that has room for eighteen DVD cases that can be used to house unmounted stamps or die cuts.


The kit components include 1/8" book boards for the walls and shelf, paper to wrap the cabinet, five wooden "feet", and wood dowels that add strength to the shelf. You will also receive printable instructions with a link to my workshop video!


Just look at all of those beautifully organized stamps! The member downloads area of our website now includes the index sheet printables from our most recent collections.


The cases are clear and smooth on both sides, unlike a standard DVD case with a "hub". They're just wide enough to accommodate the thickness of our UM stamps on both sides.


When the UM stamps are treated with Mount-It Adhesive, they stick right to the case. You can also print a second copy of the index sheet for the inside of the case to help with stamp placement.


Self-adhesive magnetic sheets are available to help secure your favorite thin, steel cutting dies. So convenient!


We also have a components-only kit available so you can substitute your own text weight papers for wrapping.


This version was created with some text weight papers in my stash from the 2015 Retreat.


Improvise some "roof top storage" for your cabinet with a few extra pieces of book board!


Incorporate your favorite colors by coloring select images with markers. Mix brown acrylic paint with water to create a wash, brush onto the paper, and wipe off to add warmth to the piece.

img_8387 img_8390

Happy cabinet making!



Written by:
by Kay Williamson

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