Literature Club Stamp Cards

by Tricia Morris
The final installment of the Literature collection, Club Stamp, ships today! We were able to make fourteen beautiful cards with the collection of papers, embellishments, and stamps. 1016alcmgrplo Click on the link below to download the paper trimming and stamping instructions. Then, consult the images below for details about how to assemble the cards. Literature Club Stamp Instructions Once the 8.5x11 Lt. Kraft paper is trimmed according to the instructions, each piece will be paired with a stamped image and only four small scraps will remain! 1016alcmstamped CARDS 1 AND 21016alcmgrpa Balance the card panel with the stamped sentiment, matted die cut Kraft tag, and Bronze Filigree Charm attached with a thin fiber included right in the kit. 1016alcm_a2a CARDS 3 & 41016alcmgrpb Stamp the card base with the large UM collage image and CS® Earth ink. Anchor the image with a 1x5.5" Ivory strip (plain side of the Ivory print) wrapped with red ribbon. Stamp the UM card catalog image onto the printed Ivory panel, trim and layer onto the card with the stamped sentiment. 1016alcm_b2 CARDS 5 & 61016alcmgrpc Anchor the main card element with the .5x4.25" Ivory Print (plain side) and attach the Bronze Filigree Charm around the bottom of the card catalog image with jute fiber. 1016alcm_c2a CARDS 7 & 81016alcmgrpd Color the stack of books with your favorite art medium and wrap with jute fiber. Tie the fiber ends into a small bow. 1016alcm_d1a CARDS 9 & 101016alcmgrpe This is a fun stand-up card configuration. The two outside score lines are folded into valleys while the two inner score lines are mountain folds. The card stands up perfectly on its own. 1016alcm_e2a CARDS 11 & 121016alcmgrpf Make a second set of stand-up cards and adhere the sentiment and books to the center mountain fold with part of the image extending beyond one edge of the fold. (Make sure the final size of the card remains 4.25x5.5" when closed prior to adhering the elements.) 1016alcm_f2a CARDS 13 & 141016alcmgrpg Distress the outside edges of the stamped Lt. Kraft panels with a paper distressing tool. Make a mask of the "Curiouser and curiouser!" text, cover the area, and shade around the image with Earth ink. Staple the sentiment to the upper center of the art panel, shape curves into the sentiment, and secure at the center with CS® Bookbinding Glue. 1016alcm_g2a I love how the Literature cards came together. We do everything we can to make re-creating the cards as easy as possible. If you enjoy rubber stamping and haven't tried a Club Stamp kit, this is a great month to give it a whirl! Join us! Tricia 2016-06-20 15.41.29
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by Tricia Morris

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