It's In The Bag

by Kay Williamson

The Boardwalk Lite kit includes an adorable set of printed bags. You can distribute them throughout several pages or use three of them on one layout.

IMG_7347 copy

The pockets create lots of additional real estate and make the page more interactive. (It looks like I used more than three bags, doesn't it?)

IMG_7348 copy

Apply adhesive onto the back of two bags, just along the opening at the top edge.

IMG_7336 copy

Adhere the two bags to a third bag as shown.

IMG_7337 copy

Fold up the bottom seam of the red and kraft bags at different widths to create additional pockets. Allow the blue bag to peek out from the bottom to add more color contrast.

IMG_7338 copy

Apply adhesive to the back of the blue bag and attach to a prepared layout.

IMG_7339 copy

Pierce holes and add brads to fasten the miniature pockets.

IMG_7341 copy IMG_7342 copy

Fill the pockets with additional memories.

IMG_7344 copy

I hope your summer is off to a great start! Don't forget to load up on Boardwalk supplies!



Written by:
by Kay Williamson

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