Make An Aviary Explorer's Folio with free instructions

Make An Aviary Explorer's Folio with free instructions

Karen Wyngaard

I enjoyed making my Western "saddle bag book" so much, I thought I'd make another one. This time, I created an Aviary Explorer's Folio using the March 2019 Page kit.

If you missed the Explorer's Folio instructions the first time around, you can still access the free download.


Trim the Bird House Print to fit the front flaps. Use a fine-tipped scissors to detail cut the birdhouse image from the cutaparts. Adhere with foam adhesive circles.

Add panels to each flap. Trim cutapart artwork to fit the open spaces where desired.

I decided to skip the two inside pockets on this version. Why? Because it's my own darn book. Ha! It's fun to alter and customize the project to suit my needs.

Aviary Explorer's Folio #clubscrap #minialbum #handmadebook

In lieu of the hook and loop dot I added a ribbon closure. Simply center a length of ribbon onto the back cover and attach with bookbinding glue.

Top with a decorative panel. Flip the folio over and tie the ribbon ends into a lovely bow.

And there you have it: An Aviary Explorer's Folio. I can't wait to fill it with Dad's nature photos. He's been following a family of great horned owls and has tons of pictures to show for it. This project will be the perfect place to showcase them!

Happy crafting!

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