Kintsugi Collection - December 2020 - 259 kits and counting

Kintsugi Collection - December 2020 - 259 kits and counting

Tricia Morris

The Kintsugi collection begins shipping today. It's difficult to comprehend this is our 259th monthly theme!

By now, many of you have done your homework and know what this theme is all about. If not, take a moment to view this inspiring video about the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery.

A Note from Tricia

We continue to forge ahead on our new website. Many of you got a sneak peek when you visited the new blog to check out the spoiler. There is one last hurdle to overcome, and solving it hinges on an external development team and their timeline. Stay tuned for an eventual invitation to "re-join" us on the new site once things are ready. Whatever eagerness you feel about making the move, multiply that by 150, and that might come close to how our team feels about putting this transition behind us!

As we await the return of the world as we know it, stay tuned for more virtual online events continuing into 2021. Mark your calendar for a very special Club Scrap Project Showcase on the Stamp and Scrapbook @Home Facebook/YouTube channel on December 22! More details are coming soon.

What's Ahead?

We're excited to bring in a new year with January's Zest for Life theme. It's time to "squeeze the day" because this kit is sub-LIME! Your next collection will feature a lovely, citrusy color palette, fun goodies, and light-hearted expressions. The art style is an ideal combination of classy and casual.

Inks and Fonts

I recommend the following CS® inks for your stamping enjoyment with the Kintsugi images: Spruce, Sapphire, Earth, Ash and India Black. If you want to create printable page titles and journaling to match this kit, download the Simple Print and Space Outside fonts.

Kintsugi Page Kit

It was an absolute joy to assemble this page kit into eight beautiful layouts. There is something magical about it. It's plenty neutral, so you won't have any trouble locating pictures to pair with these lovely pages. Stay tuned for Karen's monthly blog post where she'll probably use it for everything from a nature walk to family occasions and maybe a weekend at camp.

We often discover that members don't realize there is a full video workshop available with every monthly kit. If you find yourself wondering how all of this works, be sure to tune in!

Kintsugi Card Kit

In the middle of filming the card kit tutorial, I was reading the inside of one of the twelve cards you'll make with this collection. I suddenly got a little choked up. This challenging year and everything it's brought our way impacts us in different ways and times. I can think of so many reasons to send this card. (Perhaps I need to send it to myself.)

Kintsugi Stamps

The pottery image on the stamp sheet made me think of a few techniques developed by Michael Strong in his book called The Paper Greenhouse. Check back later this month for more details on this easy and fun faux grass technique!

There are two ways to procure our stamps. First, simply purchase them from our shopping cart after the collection is released. Secondly, subscribe to receive them with your kit each month at a savings. Be sure to add this gorgeous sheet of stamps to your inventory!

Kintsugi Hybrid

A subscription to our Hybrid option adds versatility to your projects for just $2.95/month. Even if you're a novice at the computer, all of the images are prepared as printables. If you can open a file and print it, the world is your oyster! On a side note, we currently have two shopping sites, one for hybrid products and one for paper crafting. Our new site will allow us to combine those two sites into one. Yay!

As I reflect on Thanksgiving and the future holidays we'll be celebrating (differently) this year, one thing always rings true. I am SO thankful for you. Your continued participation, loyalty, encouragement and friendship holds our crafty world together.



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