Geodes Spoiler - Let your inner beauty shine!

Geodes Spoiler - Let your inner beauty shine!

Tricia Morris

At long last, it's Geodes spoiler day! Read further to learn more about Club Scrap's stunning October collection. 

Geodes – Page Kit Spoiler

Geodes Spoiler - Page Kit by Club Scrap #clubscrap #geodes

The most fascinating thing about geodes is that from the outside, they look like common rocks. But when opened, they are breathtaking. Hopefully, that will be your experience upon opening your next CS® pizza box!

If you haven't cracked open a page kit membership quite yet, don't you think it would be a great month to test the waters? Just $21.95 gets you the paper, ribbons, goodies, instruction download and a complete video workshop. Give it a try!

Geodes – Card Kit Spoiler

Geodes Spoiler - Card Kit by Club Scrap #clubscrap #geodes

You'll enjoy learning about the "butterfly hinge" when making four unique box cards, and two other nifty card styles featured in the Geodes card kit. The goodies include a dozen sparkling druzy stone embellishments and two sheets of 12x12 Yupo for altering fun!

If you're having a difficult time deciding between the card kit or page kit, we're always happy to ship both to your door.

Geodes – Stamp Spoiler

Geodes Spoiler - Stamps by Club Scrap #clubscrap #geodes

Locate all your favorite art mediums and get ready for your 6x8" sheet of Geodes stamps to arrive. This one's a beauty. After some experimentation, I found that the images work well when stamped and embossed on dark papers. Learn more about my stamped cards shown above in a blog post later next month. If you sign up to auto-ship the stamps, they're only $15.75. Otherwise, pick up the sheet from the store after 10/1.

If you have questions about how to customize your shipment or want to adjust your subscription, please reach out to us at or 888-634-9100. We’re here to help!

Time to sparkle!


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