Accordion Pocket File

Accordion Pocket File

Tricia Morris

Welcome! In this post, you'll learn how to make the Accordion Pocket File. I developed this organizational tool as a result of teaching our efficient scrapbooking workshops. With very little space in the classroom, staying organized was almost impossible. Perhaps you have limited space in your crafting area, as well.

Accordion Pocket File #clubscrap #efficientscrapbooking

Gather Supplies and Download Instructions

First, click to download the printable Accordion Pocket File Instructions and gather the following supplies:

Next, sit back and watch this helpful assembly video before you give it a go on your own. 

Using the Accordion Pocket File

Our monthly page kits produce eight layouts. The organizer has four pockets, one for each double page spread. As you trim the papers and cutaparts, file them into the pockets corresponding to each layout pair as indicated in the instructions. Once the trimming is complete, simply take the contents out of each pocket, match them with the base papers to finish your layouts in a breeze!

Accordion Pocket File #clubscrap #efficientscrapbooking

The innovative construction of this file includes a lip on the front of the unit that slides under the base of a 12″ paper trimmer. Two hook and loop dots will create additional stability for the unit, but do not remove the trimmer from the table without supporting your file, or its contents may spill.

Accordion Pocket File #clubscrap #efficientscrapbooking

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Happy efficient scrapbooking, and best wishes with the completion of your pocket file!


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