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Does anyone have any suggestions on cheapest shipping options here? I filled the largest Flat Rate PO box today and it barely touched the amount I could send and is almost $20 to ship. Any thoughts here?

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@scrappinjen – I agree with Lori – those stars really rock the card!

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@scrappinjen – love the tilt – will need to check out that card!

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Thanks Dena. I finished mine last night – well almost. There is one more thing I might want to add.

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Add me to the list too, it has been so wonderful to have an album with everyone’s page for every retreat, a wonderful collection of memories, thank you for hosting.


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Boardwalk is perfect for 4th of July cards! I really like the angles on the layout.

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I just found that one in my project bin! That looks great @honulvr

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WOW, Pam!! That is GORGEOUS!!!

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I can’t get into my original post, so I’m making a note:

I’ve started a sign-up thread under Swaps where everyone can sign up. I’ll keep checking this thread just in case you use this one to sign up. I”m hoping the Swaps section will get more traffic.

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WooHoo!! I am hangin’ with the ‘big guns’ this time around!

1. My name is Adeline but my friends call me Addie. I was named after my grandmother who was born in 1899 and I always hated my name but NOW it is coming back into style.

2. I was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up in Jamestown. We moved to Tampa 24 years ago and I still HATE the hot summers! So this PSL gives me a reason to stay indoors and scrap.

3. I started out as a scrapbooker but I love to make cards, pages and projects thanks to CS!

4. I started with Club Scrap in 2008 and Avant Garde sticks in my mind as the first kit but I am not sure.

5.If I could work at CS, I would love to work organizing the paper by color or theme!

I am looking forward to using up some of my kits and learning how to do more digital scrapbooking/cards is my summer goal. I did used to love to ride the Whip but those days are long gone!

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Cards have gone postal!

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I am just testing as I was having problems logging in on all three browsers and unable to reply to my team’s email. Seems to be working now.

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@lori-b, thanks for your comment on my PL. I love your PL! Great design and will be using some of these as ideas on cards.

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After examining both papers under a better light… NOT 50’s Kitchen. However, I found a sheet of what was needed in the Mystery Box 😀 .

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Oh, Annette!! What WONDERFUL news!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Oooh, Merilyn! I LOVE this card!!!

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Love these layouts, Nancy!!!

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I’m in!

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Hi I am Laurel. I am originally from the Seattle area and now I am living in Asheville NC. I have been a member on and off since seaside. I will be working mostly on pages with a few cards. I have a huge backlog of photos that need to be put onto a page. If I was working in the clubhouse I would most likely be packing boxes. After 18 moves I am able to pack and square up boxes very quickly.

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