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Pattern Play Lite – Layout Insights

Read on to get more insights about the Pattern Play Lite scrapbook pages . . .

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 1 & 2Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

Remove just one corner for each Black square with a Corner Rounder on the 1/2″ setting for a “mod” look. Avoid placing two adjacent rounded corners together on the layout.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

I was thrilled to rescue a scrap of Black paper when I discovered it was the perfect height for this “happy” cutapart. Trim a 2″ length of the green checked ribbon, fold in half, and staple to the top right corner of the cutapart.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 3 & 4Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

You’re going to love the two-sided, saddle stitched ribbon included in your kit. Arrange the fun cutaparts in a vertical stack above and below the photo mat. Cut and fold four longer lengths of ribbon and staple to the right and left of the “and” and “now” cutaparts.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

Thread ribbon through the loops on each end of the silver spiral charm. Glue the charm to the designated spot on the cutapart and tape the ribbon ends to the back.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 5 & 6Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

Stencil the pattern onto the right edge of the layout with Ash and Peridot inks and a CS® Ink Applicator.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

Snip the two metal loops from the silver spiral charm. Wrap the journaling prompt with washi tape and top with the charm.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 7 & 8Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

Piece together a set of four cutaparts to finish the right edge of the layout. Remember, if you have plenty of photos to go around, use the cutaparts as photo mats.

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap

I loved working with this collection and hope these insights assist you in final layout assembly! It’s incredible how this kit can showcase photographs from any reason or season. Get the Pattern Play Lite kit today . . . I have a feeling it will disappear quickly!

Pattern Play Lite Layout Insights #clubscrap




Twelve ways to use quad prints and a new compilation!

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post compiling ideas on how to use the Club Stamp quad prints. These prints are as popular as ever, and almost every month our blogging team shares fresh ideas.

Twelve Ways with Quad Prints

I’m a “list” girl, so I’ve listed twelve of my favorite ways to use these versatile prints below.


Club Stamp Quad Prints create gorgeous scrapbook pages. Trim quad print to various sizes to frame a special photo by following this simple tutorial.

Literature Scrapbook Page Tutorial

Replicate the look of an “hourglass” quilt using the Quilt Block Technique.

Quilt Block Technique

Alter the look of your quad print with a Club  Stamp Paper Makeover!

Club Stamp Paper Makeover


Due to the text weight nature of these papers, they are excellent candidates for fancy folding techniques.

Create this Double Pleated Card for someone special.

Double Pleated Card Tutorial

Follow Kay’s tutorial to make this cute Pinwheel Card.

pinwheel card with the adirondacks quad print

Surprise the recipient with this cute (and interactive) Mini Message on a Card.

Mini Message on a Card Tutorial


Kay is the queen of tiny books filled with fun details. Click on the name of the project below to access the tutorials for each book.

Cherry Blossoms Mini Pocket Album

Cherry Blossoms Mini Pocket Album Tutorial

Constellations Matchbook Mini Album

Constellations Mini Match Book Album Tutorial

Little Book of Rooms

Garden Shed Little Book of Rooms Tutorial


Stamp directly onto the quad print artwork to easily achieve a collaged, mixed media look. Visit the blog post for details.


Take advantage of the lighter weight of the Quad Prints by using them to wrap book board to create home decor projects, like Kay’s mail and magazine holder.

Browse through the Artist Team  blog hop for more inspiring ideas. You’ll be impressed by their clever projects!

Whew! That a lot of inspiration!

I hope you find one (or twelve!) ideas you’d like to try, because the 2016 Quad Print Compilation Pack is now available in our shop. Each pack includes two sheets of each 8.5×11″ quad print from the 2016 monthly collections. (That’s 24 total sheets from January through December 2016!)

Happy crafting!




Spoiler for Pattern Play Lite. It ships on Thursday!

Ready for your spoiler?

Production of the Pattern Play Lite is in full swing at the Club Scrap warehouse, and it will be on its way to your doorstep soon!

Club Scrap Pattern Play Lite Spoiler #clubscrap

I’ve gathered up a few snapshots of the layouts, goodies, and patterns you’ll find in this fun collection.

Pattern Play Lite SpoilerClub Scrap Pattern Play Lite Spoiler #clubscrap

The Pattern Play theme is a real winner! Stay tuned for layout assembly tips and our page samples completed with photos later this month on the blog. If you’re not a Lite member, we’d love to have you join us for just $19.95!


Kay Williamson



Getting scrappy with the Refresh Remix collection.

Tricia calls certain kits “photo-eaters”–meaning the papers match virtually everything. The Refresh Remix collection is no exception.

So many pictures matched so well–the real challenge was deciding which photos to actually glue down!

Refresh Remix Finished Layouts
Layout 1 & 2

Pics from Emma’s eighth grade graduation practically begged to be on these papers. The school colors are blue and white–and seriously, could her dress be a better match?

Refresh Remix Finished Layouts
Layout 5 & 6

Since Dad is taking hundreds of pictures a day, I have tons of those to scrap, too.

Refresh Remix Finished Layouts
Layout 3 & 4

There were plenty of places where I could sneak in an extra photo or two. (Can you spot them?)

Refresh Remix Finished Layouts
Layout 7 & 8

Don’t let a “theme” limit you. Let the colors in your photos guide you. If a cutapart sentiment isn’t quite right, cover it with an extra photo or stamped panel. You can’t go wrong!

Happy scrapping!



Pattern Play Layouts and Cards – More Details

Learn more details about the layouts and cards you can assemble with June’s Pattern Play Deluxe and Greetings to Go kit!

Pattern Play Deluxe Details #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 1 & 2Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Punch only one corner of each square with a Corner Chomper on the 1/2″ setting. Adhere the squares as shown and finish with a small gray enamel dot in each upper right corner.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 3 & 4Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Add a small line of CS® Bookbinding Glue to the center vein of the green feather to adhere to the printed cutapart. Fold a 2″ piece of gray ribbon in half and staple to the upper right corner.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

Fill in one white, gray and black dot with an enamel dot. They fit perfectly!

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 5 & 6Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Adhere a green feather to the set of three cutaparts, and finish with an enamel dot in the upper left and lower right corners.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 7 & 8Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Wrap ribbon around the left edge of the Black panel, and tape end onto the back. Tie a bow from the same ribbon and adhere to the center.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

Round one corner of each black square, arrange as shown, and add a gray enamel dot to the upper left corners.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 9 & 10Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Trim one black patterned bag along the left, right and bottom seam to separate into two panels. Use one piece to help create the collage on the left page.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

Keep the three circular pieces of artwork in one piece, or punch with a 1″ circle punch. Adhere a resin swirl to each circle with bookbinding glue.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 11 & 12Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Layer the full black patterned bag on the left side of the layout, and one panel of the second bag on the right. Slide additional photos into the bag if desired.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

Place gray, black and white enamel dots into the center of each flower on the cutapart.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 13 & 14Pattern Play Deluxe Layout Details #clubscrap

Create a sweet bow from the black polka dot ribbon using an easy-to-follow folding technique.

SET APattern Play Deluxe Greetings to Go Details #clubscrap

We’ve developed a fun way to easily create a pop-up card. Follow the scoring, folding and assembly instructions included with the Greetings to Go kit. Each accordion-folded strip on the inside of the cards is filled with art panels and a unique greeting.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Pop-Up Card #clubscrap

What better way to help guide the assembly process than with a new video tutorial!

SET BPattern Play Deluxe Greetings to Go Details #clubscrap

Add a square cutapart to three metallic silver tags and tie a bow along the bottom edge. Set a green eyelet into the top of each tag and string onto raffia.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Greetings to Go #clubscrap

Run Gray card panels through jumbo embossing folders to create additional patterns for the cards.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Greetings to Go Cards #clubscrap

SET CPattern Play Deluxe Greetings to Go Details #clubscrap

Score the White and Green card panels and adhere them in a unique way to create a fun Z-fold card. The cutaparts extend beyond the front green panel to disguise the inner greeting.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Greetings to Go Z-fold Card #clubscrap

We’ve already had lots of fun with Pattern Play, and there’s more to come! Tune in all month for inspiring ideas. Monday’s blog will include instructions for our fun mini accordion hinge book.

Club Scrap Mini Accordion Hinge Book #clubscrap #handmadebook



Adirondacks Blog Hop & Linky Party

Welcome to the May Blog Hop and Linky Party! We appreciate you joining us as we share pages, cards, and other projects featuring the gorgeous Adirondacks collection.

I hope y’all aren’t sick of me sharing my finished ALSB layouts, but I had no trouble whatsoever finishing my Lite pages this month . Dad’s nature photos practically jumped onto the paper!

I love the versatility of ALSB. In order to accommodate the photos I had on hand, I rearranged the page pairs a bit. (So no, you do not need glasses. My pages aren’t in the same order as Tricia’s ALSB instructions.)

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts
Adirondacks Lite Layouts 1 & 2

Add extra photos to the open space as desired.

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts
Adirondacks Lite Layouts 3 & 6
Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts
Adirondacks Lite Layouts 5 & 4

Die cut letters from Poppy Plain to create the page title.

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts
Adirondacks Lite Layouts 7 & 8

And now it’s YOUR turn to make something with your Adirondacks collection. Be sure to share your creation by joining the Linky Party below. We’ll give one lucky contributor a Club Scrap gift certificate.


Are you ready to see what our other bloggers are up to? Wendy is your next stop. I’ve included a full list of bloggers below, just in case.

Made by Wendy Bellino

Kelly at Serendipity & Whimsy

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Josette at Little Bits

Sweeet Designs by Cheryl

Deb Duz Scrappin

Kay’s Keepsakes

Lilian at The Leaf Studio



Adirondacks Lite — Layout Details Disclosed

The Adirondacks Lite collection ships today! I hope you have one with your name on it. (If not, we can fix that while supplies last!)

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

I want to extend a special welcome to many new members who have joined us at recent expos in St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Orlando. The images and details below will help make more sense of how the embellishments and ribbons are used on each completed page, especially if you want to follow the assembly instructions to a tee.

Adirondacks Lite Layouts
LAYOUTS 1 & 2Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Thread the three curved bronze buttons onto the waxed linen thread and stretch across the left layout. Add a dab of glue to each button to keep it in place on the page, or secure with foam adhesive.

Trim a piece of metallic poppy ribbon and thread through the wood tag. We’ve designed three cutaparts to fit perfectly onto the three tags.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Round the corners of the 2.25″ Blue squares with a punch. Add a Kraft Sticker to each and finish with by stapling an “x” onto the folded ribbon.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 3 & 4Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Trim four .25×12″ Blue strips and weave them together with a Kraft cutapart.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 5 & 6Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Pierce a hole into the left and right edge of the mason jar on the printed cutapart. Thread waxed linen through the holes and tie ends into a small bow.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Sew a bronze button near the journaling lines on the cutapart on the right side of the layout. Tie cotton saddle stitched ribbon around the cutapart.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 7 & 8Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Nest the Kraft stickers onto Blue squares with rounded corners. Thread a bronze button onto waxed linen and wrap around the upper square.

Adirondack Lite Layouts #clubscrap

Hopefully, some of these details help initiate creative adventures. And don’t forget to supplement with additional embellishments from your stash. (If you happen to have one?)

Happy page assembly!



Refresh Remix Collection Layouts and Details

The Refresh collection was the winner of our very first March Madness Bracket tournament, and we’re thrilled to release it this week! The kit makes eight completed pages and combines our favorite elements and colors of the original.

Please note, this is not a “monthly” collection and will not be shipped to you automatically as part of your membership. It must be ordered separately.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Let’s take a look at the details for each pair of layouts made by following our assembly instructions.

Refresh Remix
LAYOUTS 1 & 2Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Punch a hole in the top of the tag cutapart and add a loop of tri-colored ribbon. Finish with a row of blue self-adhesive rhinestones.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Wrap the journaling box with ribbon and add a small rhinestone to the end of five journaling lines. (The rhinestones come in three different sizes and colors.)

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Trim a 2″ piece of ribbon, fold in half, and staple to the left edge of five cutaparts. Alternate with the ribbon on top of the tag and behind the tag. Adhere alternating tags with foam adhesive and finish with a pale blue rhinestone.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Tear the duplex Lt. Blue/Lime paper into an oval shape and adhere to the place marker printed on the cutapart.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Adhere rhinestones to the 1/4″ Dk. Blue strip. Use a CS® Grid Ruler to assist with even spacing.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 5 & 6Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Tear an oval from the Lt. Blue/Lime paper and adhere Lime side up; nest with a silver charm.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

LAYOUTS 7 & 8Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

Add a sheer bow to the top of the cutapart tag. Stretch ribbon across the page and tape ends to the back of the layout. Center the tag over the ribbon with foam adhesive circles.

Refresh Remix Collection #clubscrap

We hope you enjoy this fresh version of Refresh! If your favorite kit didn’t win the bracket, there’s a good chance we may re-release a few of your top choices in the future. Thanks for participating in our version of March Madness!



Adirondacks Spoiler Time for Lite Members!

Spoiler Alert!

Would you like to do a little early sightseeing of the Adirondacks Lite kit today? No roaming charges . . .

Club Scrap's Adirondacks Lite Spoiler #ClubScrap #Adirondacks #Spoiler, #Scrapbooking

The neutral color palette, matching fibers and ribbons, versatile stickers, fun goodies, and detailed page assembly instructions round out our latest Lite collection. It’s a beauty!

Club Scrap's Adirondacks Lite Spoiler #ClubScrap #Adirondacks #Spoiler, #Scrapbooking

If you’re not set up with a membership to receive this collection, we can fix that for you. Join us today!

Your pages will be suitable for anything you do outdoors. Be sure to get outside and snap a few photos. Or, perhaps you can find a home for the thousands you may already have on hand . . .


Kay Williamson