"You all do such a great job and I love the product. Both the creativity and the quality. As an artist I always seem to have to go over the top, but the kits have
cut my time in half on a double page spread." --Vivian C., Decatur, TX
"I love Club Scrap paper. The textures, colors and patterns. You can use it for scrapbooking, cardmaking mixed media, and paper crafts. I just love that I don't have to figure out what goes together because it's already done for me. Club Scrap has given me a new level of confidence in all my paper crafting endeavors."
--Mary M., North St. Paul, MN

15 Homestead Cards

I set out to make the Homestead Club Stamp paper pack into cards, and was thrilled when I ended up with fifteen! After a more careful inspection, we (Brenda) realized I’d accidentally used two extra sheets of 8.5×11 Green Plain. Rather than re-do the entire thing, we decided to add the extra paper to your […]

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