Office Space Club Stamp Cards

Transform your Office Space Club Stamp kit into fifteen cheerful greeting cards!


Click on the link below to download the detailed paper trimming, scoring and stamping instructions.

July 2016 Club Stamp Instructions

I’ve added some close-ups of each card grouping along with tips and techniques below . . .

CARDS 1-30716ALCMgrpA

Make optional faux file tabs from the 4×5.25″ text weight panels with an envelope punch board. Insert the paper vertically into the board and punch at 2 and 4″. Use a craft knife and ruler to remove the excess paper to the left of the tab.

To stamp the “MEMO” portion of the memo image from the Jumbo UM stamp sheet, mask off the rest of the image, ink the word, and stamp onto a Jade scrap trimmed to fit within the window of the die cut.


CARDS 4-50716ALCMgrpB

Stamp the “Have you seen my stapler?” sentiment onto Manila scraps, trim closely around the words, ink the edges and piece together onto the panel. Staple the “case of the Mondays” sentiment onto the Orange panel and add a Mini Paper Clip.


CARDS 6-70716ALCMgrpC

I love the look of binder clips, but they’re too dimensional to add to a card I intend to drop in the mail. Problem solved with our adorable binder clip stamp!


CARDS 8-90716ALCMgrpD

Stamp “Look me up!” onto the Rolodex card with contrasting ink and trim the image from the paper. Tape folded ribbon behind the tab and layer onto the card base with foam adhesive circles. (I think this is one of my favorites from the set!)


CARDS 10-110716ALCMgrpE

It’s a Wednesday. That means we’re operating at 26%. Paper clip the stamped sentiment onto the front of the die cut file folder (included) and stamp or write a greeting inside. (Mine says, “Have you seen my stapler?”)


CARDS 12-130716ALCMgrpF

I like how the sentiment stamped in black ink contrasts with the coffee mug stamped in White Pigment ink.


I had some White Jewel Dazzles (Dahlia Deluxe goodie) on hand, and they worked well as a one-dimensional addition to the die cut file folder tab.


CARDS 14-150716ALCMgrpG

Fold the die cut tab around the Orange panel and staple along the edge of the tab. It ties in perfectly!


I know you’ll have a blast making this cool set of cards. If you haven’t given Club Stamp a try, check out the value . . . $21.95 divided by 15 cards = $1.46 a card, plus you get to keep the stamps. Join us today!


2016-04-13 09.29.33


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